Software for banks, MFI and P2P:

mobile applications, scoring systems, online bank, loan management system, customer transaction analysis


Finsurfer - is a provider of complete Fintech solutions for financial companies and banking

We specialize in developing our own software products for Banking, Micro Lending and P2P, which helps their new business activities be productive. To achieve high efficiency with non-standard approaches, we use technologies and solutions from leading global software manufacturers. Applied technologies allow us to create products that are convenient for use for both mobile and desktop devices.

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More than 5 years experience in Fintech

Our products have proven their high efficiency
in European countries.

We use a variety of product development methodologies based on customer needs.

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Our projects

MFI Rocket Money

Rocket Money is a microfinance organization established in 2018, operating in Eastern Europe. Provides short-term loans to individuals and SME. Project was realized in three month. Integrated features: multi-channel loan application, scoring systems, credit pipeline based on CRM, analytics dashboard and reporting, integrations with card processing, mobile provider and credit bureau.

PFM Application

PFM application for the user expenses tracker with native Android and iOS applications, which automatically recognize SMS, scoring system, based on AI, which also allows users to automatically categorize expenses. The main monetization is lead generation for the financial sector.

P2P landing platform

P2P lending platform based on the API of several p2p transfer systems with a scoring system and a proprietary credit pipeline.

Data analysis platform

Implementing a platform for analyzing data by competitors for retailers. Analytics is based on in-depth analysis of data obtained on the basis of users' transactions on the cards with their subsequent clustering.


For 3 years we have been developing our own products and help our customers in performance improvement.

Experience with BigData

Our team has extensive experience in processing and analyzing any type of banking data to implement your ideas.

Orientation to the business goals of the bank

First of all, we work to maximize your profit.

Knowledge of the specifics of the financial industry

When developing software, we take into account the requirements and interests of all involved structural divisions of the company.

Operational support

After the launch of the project, we have full commitments to support the software and its refinement.

Our clients and partners

The most important value for us .... is partnership

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